As an Alzheimer's disease caregiver, what special skills should I take away from my caregiver training?

Due to brain tissue deterioration, Alzheimer's patients are in the midst of some stage of mental faculty loss. They may become confused, not remember details, lash out or behave in any other defiant manner. Be patient as an Alzheimer's caregiver; be a compassionate caregiver who is gentle, strong of heart and will and optimistic.

What kinds of caregiver duties must a child caregiver/nanny caregiver perform?

A child caregiver, or nanny caregiver, may be required to bathe the children, feed them, supervise their play time and help will any and all of the children's priorities, such as soccer practice or school work. The mother/primary caregiver will give you a full caregiver job description before you begin work.

How should I go about caregiver job hiring?

Interview the family caregiver in your home so he or she gets acquainted with the surroundings and the other members of the family. The caregiver should mesh with your family, be willing and able to perform any of the caregiver jobs you outline and have undergone ample caregiver training. Go over the schedule and be sure to look into references found on the caregiver resume.

I'm a cancer caregiver and am starting to experience what I've heard is caregiver stress. What can I do?

You should join a caregiver support group that provides excellent caregiver resources and caregiver information on caregiver stress. The caregiver burden is alleviated with others help--don't be left without caregiver relief. The caregiver network runs through the internet so get into the caregiver connection today!

How do I become a caregiver?

Start looking into caregiver programs at an accredited caregiver schools. Caregiver schools provide adequate caregiver training for a number of fields. Become an Alzheimer's caregiver, a child caregiver or an elderly caregiver with the help of well deserved caregiver certificate. First decide the extent of care you wish to give, and then research caregiver information at various caregiver schools.