Caregiver Interview

Now that you have a few caregivers in mind who have sufficient caregiver training and caregiver employment experience for your specific caregiver job opening, it's time to start the interview process.

Interview each potential caregiver in your home or in your facility, so that if you do decide to follow through with the caregiver job hiring, he or she will be acquainted with the surroundings.

Look for an articulate caregiver--someone who communicates well is usually a good listener as well of instructions. Let the caregiver be open and frank--he or she should be honest about the caregiver duties required.

Make sure a family caregiver is compatible with your family and a professional caregiver compatible with patients and other employees. Be sure the caregiver can communicate verbally and nonverbally. A caregiver for an Alzheimer's patient, for example, should pick up on cues such as gestures and facial expressions.

Be sure an elderly caregiver or cancer caregiver, to name a couple types, is aware of how any medical and adaptive equipment functions.

If you do decide to hire the caregiver, get additional references (along with the caregiver resume) and have a background check conducted to make sure the caregiver has completed a caregiver program.