Caregiver Support

There is a plethora of caregiver support groups, caregiver chat programs and caregiver networks to provide caregiver relief as caregivers can easily become overwhelmed.

The caregiver burden often manifests itself in sleep disorders, social withdrawal, guilt, fatigue and anxiety. Many Alzheimer's caregiver and cancer caregivers experience caregiver stress, caregiver depression or a sense of caregiver isolation.

Programs such as the National Family Caregiver Support Program offer help sessions. Tutorials or symposia dubbed "care for the caregiver," "help for caregiver," "self care for caregiver," and "caring for the caregiver" provide caregiver resources, information and methods for dealing with caregiver stress.

Recent research studies have indicated that caregiver stress is eased with education about the disease, the treatment and how to meet daily needs of patients.